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A uniquely-blended source of protein and energy for mature horses.
A feed loved by many animals but particularly horses, llamas, and cattle.
Alfalfa pellets, sun-cured under the big Montana sky.
Antibiotic and hormone free for cattle in the home stretch.
Trusted throughout the Bitterroot Valley for optimal growth in calves.
The next best thing to mother's milk.
A great energy source for replacement pullets and broilers.
Vegetarian supplement for layer feed or chicken grower.
Start the chicks off on the right foot.
Specially formulated to help naturally maximize milk production.
An extra boost of energy for all classes of horses.
Optimized for healthy growth and trusted for years in the Bitterroot Valley.
Hog feed for animals weighing above 100 lbs.
Can be the sole ration for hogs from 45 lbs. to market or show weight.
Extra protein for chicken’s laying eggs.
A no-copper added feed that be a sole-ration for low-roughage lambs.
Formulated with plenty of protein and energy for slaughter lambs.
Pellets specifically formulated for optimal llama health.
A well-rounded blend for all-classes of rats and mice
Well-balanced feed for free range and home-raised chickens.
Optimized for sustained growth and energy in pigs from 15-100 lbs.
Excellent alfalfa and grain based formula to horses maintain their condition when in the back-country.
Our tried and true best - but even better.
Trusted for decades by professionals and hobbyists - exceptional quality.
Optimized for sustained growth and energy in pigs from 15-100 lbs.
Protein and fiber for small herbivores made from whole, sun-cured Timothy grass.
We'll work with you to formulate a ration for your unique application.
A source of protein and energy for slaughter cattle when they're just starting out.
A healthy staple for a variety of livestock.
Nutritious feed staple well suited for a variety of livestock.